Reviewer Guideline

Assessment Criteria:

The level of English and Article meets the requirements for academic articles
The Title of the manuscript is correct and fully reflects its` content
The Abstract is written logically and fully reflects the main ideas of the manuscript
Keywords provide a clear understanding of manuscript`s content
The Introduction clearly outlines the scientific problem; the relevance of research is demonstrated
Literature review characterizes the state of the research problem
The research methods are selected and applied correctly
The results are properly substantiated and well-presented
Conclusions are clearly drawn and supported, they are impartial and objective
The reference list is prepared properly; all literature sources are relevant and their geography is sufficient
The manuscript meets all submission guidelines and requirements concerning its structure;
it is logically presented
The manuscript has a scientific originality and dismantles a certain contribution to scientific literature
The study has further prospects for development
The results of the study have practical application