Writing Rules

1. The article should be prepared in Microsoft Word, with 1.5 line spacing, single column (except for Turkish and English abstract), A4 (210X297) format, Times New Roman font, 12 point plain text. The article should not exceed 25 pages. Page and line numbers should be given on each page.

2. Articles to be sent to the journal; Cover page, Turkish Title; Summary; Keywords; English Title; Abstract; Keywords; Login; Material and Method; Findings and Discussion; Conclusion (or Results; Discussion and Conclusion); Thanks; Conflict of Interest Statement, Contribution Rate Statement Summary of Researchers, Resources.

3. Cover Page: Title, Author name-surname(s), address(es), e-mail, ORCID numbers, telephone and fax information. In correspondences, it should be stated who is the responsible author. Title: It should be written in capital letters, centered. The article title should be Times New Roman, 12 points.

Abstract and Keywords: Turkish and English abstracts should not exceed 250-300 words each. The words “Abstract” and “Abstract” should be used in Turkish and English abstracts. A maximum of 5 keywords that are not used in the title should be written under the abstract and the abstract in small letters, if possible, to best describe the work.

You can download the detailed information file for the spelling rules from the templates and forms section.